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What is Log a Load For Kids?

Log a Load for Kids, celebrating over 30 years of miracles, uses trees- Americas green renewable resource to create miracles for sick and injured children. It is a fund raising opportunity for loggers, the forest industry community, and state forestry associations to work together to raise money for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Log a Load has chapters in 39 states and has raised over $50 million nationally.

One Hundred Percent of the money raised by Kentucky Log a Load stays in Kentucky and benefits the Kentucky Children’s Hospital located in Lexington, KY. Kentucky has contributed over $750,000 to the children's hospital since the program started here in 1997.

The Kentucky Log a Load for Kids Committee raises funds through direct contributions from loggers, various fund raisers held by mills and the Kentucky Forest Industries Association throughout the year and silent auction at the Kentucky Wood Expo. The program also provides Christmas gifts for the kids each year and has participated in the pediatric cancer survivor picnic. Funds contributed to Kentucky Log a Load have been used for a variety of projects at the hospital. The program constructed two trees in the Treehouse Playroom and the Adolescent Lounge areas of the hospital. The trees are used by recovering children and are a favorite.

The Log a Load for Kids program has also funded two research endowments - one for heart disease and the other for health education that will work to prevent childhood diseases and work with special needs children. These endowments have contributed $500,000 to the hospital. Our most recent completed project raised $200,000 for the Log a Load for Kids Child Life Area which recently completed renovations.

A 12x18 foot wooden mural hangs in the Children’s Hospital showing both wildlife and forest scenes including active forest management that truly is impressive to everyone that enters the hospital. Log a Load can be proud of the wonderful impression this leaves on visitors to the hospital. Two additional murals have been completed and installed to raise the awareness of the Log a Load program within the clinics. This project has educated many children and parents about the significance of the wood industry and our most valuable renewable resource—TREES.

THIS YEAR we are asking for donations to purchase goggles used for MRI screenings. Most young pediatric patients have to be sedated in order to get an MRI, these goggles are specially made to wear during the procedure and allows the patient to watch movies, music, etc. to help them relax without the sedation. If you have questions, contact the office at 502.695.3979.

GET INVOLVED– Consider getting involved with Log a Load at your company. Hosting a raffle or other fund raiser at your company is a great way to raise money for this worthy cause. This fall 全球十大赌钱软件app is designating October as the month to collect log and mill donations to support Log A Load. Feel free to contact 全球十大赌钱软件app for ideas on fundraisers or help getting started.

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The Kentucky “Log A Load for Kids” program is a volunteer led statewide effort to raise money to improve children’s health through treatment, research, and education. One hundred percent of the money raised by Log-A-Load goes to the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington. 

Since 1997 Kentucky’s forest industry has raised over $800,000. This money has supported the “Child Life” area in the hospital, two “trees” in the Treehouse Playroom, two research endowments and goggles that are wore during MRI’s to help children remain calm. 

Our next goal is to raise $100,000 over the next five years to support the Pediatric Mobile Clinic (see attached). One in four kids in Kentucky do not have a pediatrician in their home county. This clinic will travel to areas of the state that do not have the resources necessary to treat children. 

October is the traditional month that we raise funds. Funds can be raised by donating the value of any wood product to Log A Load. This can be the value of a log, a load of pulpwood or chips, ties or bourbon barrels, or any other forest product. No amount is too small and is tax deductible. If your company would like to have a Log- A- Load fundraiser, please contact the 全球十大赌钱软件app office. 

Log A Load for Kids Committee 
Mervin Strader-West Kentucky Chair 
Kevin Tudor & Amy Middleton-East Kentucky Chairs


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